I can’t launch WoW anymore

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. Launch File Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys together and navigate to the following location path. Then, right-click on Cache folder and select the Delete option as shown. Now, find the following folders and right-click on them. Close all processes running in the background as instructed in method 1D and press Windows + E keys together to open File Explorer. Then, switch to the Compatibility tab and check the box Run this program as an administrator.

  • Given our praise of the Pro 8’s style, that means the Pro 9 looks and feels great.
  • This is a serious issue, since millions of players can’t play the games that require the launcher.
  • Q. I played WoW back in 1.12 and there are a few things that don’t seem quite right.

That’ll produce an easy to access shortcut if you plan to use Discord in Desktop Mode. You may also want to add it to Favorites under the Application Launcher. On your Steam Deck open CurseForge and repeat the same steps, making sure to join the same Sync Profile. 3 is what I ended up needing to use when I tested running WoW while connected to a 1440p display. In that configuration, I was pushing the Steam Deck’s processor and GPU pretty hard.

Repair Corrupted Game Files

Second, if there is a glitch, it may prevent you from charging your device – no matter which Surface device you use. If the LED light indicating power connector status is off or is flashing, you will need to check the power source and replace it. But if there is nothing wrong with the power supply and yet Surface wouldn’t start or charge, you need to check the following solutions.

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If you have recently updated Windows or copied the game files from another computer, chances are that the game is not optimized perfectly antimalware service executable for your version of Windows. In this solution, we will navigate to the WoW launcher and change the compatibility settings and check if this makes any difference.

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Without going into exhaustive detail, GeForce Experience offers new drivers before Windows does, and also optimizes your games afterward. You can also choose between game- and studio-optimized drivers, depending on whether you’re a gamer or a graphic designer.

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